In the Christian authentic manhood community, we aim to inspire, equip, and engage men to live lives of truth, passion, and purpose.

We believe that God has a unique design and plan for every man and that by following the example of Jesus Christ, we can discover and fulfill our calling as authentic men.

This community is not just another event to attend, but a journey to embark on. A journey that will challenge you to grow in your faith, character, relationships, and leadership. A journey that will connect you with other men who share your vision and values. A journey that will transform you from the inside out.

We have prepared a variety of sessions, workshops, and activities that will help you explore the six aspects of authentic manhood: your design, your story, your traps, your work, your marriage, and your fatherhood. You will also hear from some of the world’s most influential and respected Christian men, who will share their insights and testimonies with you.

We hope you will make the most of this opportunity to learn, grow, network, and have fun. We pray that God will bless you and speak to you during this conference and that you will leave here with a renewed sense of vision, passion, and purpose for your life.